Samplerlight2Yvan Guillo (°1971, France). Under the pseudonym Yvang, he self publishes his comics since 1992. He runs the collective fanzine Crachoir (Spittoon) (12 issues so far). He locally self releases a series of comic strips about a gooseneck barnacle living in the same island as himself, Samplerligt1Albert le pouce pied (5 opus published). His drawings are published in several fanzines/graphzines as Hôpital Brut (France), Prurit (France), Kuš (Latvia), ¡Qué Suerte! (Spain) or Gorgonzola. His Children comic En Retard co-written with Maël Rannou was released in 2013. His web comic Julie and Auguste can be read here. He started accidentally the Samplerman-project on his Tumblr La Zone de Non-droit. These abstract comic pages are made of digital collages from samples of silver/bronze age american comics. 

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