Klaxon comics festival

KLAXON is a brand new festival in Antwerp, Belgium where contemporary comics and art meet. We want to showcase exciting quality work from known and unknown artists. The festival has a book fair hosting international and Belgian collectives/independent publishers/artists, exhibitions, talks and unique performances from invited artists. We aim to start off with a succesful first edition and see where it will lead us next year.

Saturday, May 9th, 2015 // 12h-19h book fair and exhibitions + performances and artist talks / 19h30h-22h live drawing.

The festival will take place at ‘t Werkhuys. A beautiful offbeat place with its own unique cosy vibe. A charming former theatre, with a collection of different rooms, an exotic courtyard with a big tree and a folksy Belgian café. It is situated in the vibrant Antwerp district Borgerhout, known for its many different nationalities and artists.
‘t Werkhuys, Zegelstraat 13, 2140 Antwerp

Book fair
With a selection of independent publishers / collectives / artists.  Scratch Books, Frémok, Bries, Tieten Met Haar, Lamelos, Wobby, Jeroen de Leijer, Jasper Rietman, Wasco, Rob van Barneveld, ckoe, Pulp deLuxe, Zone 5300, Frits Jonker, Vite, Liesbeth De Stercke.
And with a selection of books published by Lubok, Napa Books, Apa Apa, Koyama Press, Seigensha, Benoît Jacques, Sanatorium, Le Dernier Cri, Re:Surgo and many more.

Brecht Vandenbroucke – Wide Vercnocke – Marcel Ruijters – Frank Wagemans – Olivier Schrauwen – Lukas Verstraete – Pieter Fannes – Wobby – Samplerman – ATAK

Artist talks
Joost Swarte
Frits Jonker
William Ludwig Lutgens
Jeroen de Leijer

The duo De Letterleggers (B) is a well hidden gem. They create funny, playful or poetic but continuously changing drawings with letters and numbers of all sizes. To see them at work is a treat for the eyes.
– Live drawing by a.o. Serge Baeken, Kim Duchateau, Wide Vercnocke, Pieter Fannes, Wasco and Jeroen de Leijer.
– Auction by Lamelos : “Bring your old stuff and we’ll auction it. And then we’ll buy beer and wine for all the people present with the money we made with the auction.”

How to get there?

’t Werkhuys is close to the Central Station – it’s a 25-minutes walk.

By public transport: there is a bus/tram every few minutes from the Central Station. Take tram 8 (subway), 10 or 24. They’ve stops close to ’t Werkhuys: metro station Zegel (tram 8), stop De Roma or Stenenbrug (tram 24), stop De Roma (tram 10); or take bus 30, 31 or 34 – stop De Roma.




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